“Without Jesus our prayers would just hit the ceiling.” -T.roy (my campus pastor)

I heard this quote yesterday during community group prayer and it’s been with me ever since, I am so much more in awe of what Jesus did for us because I can just picture God’s ear breaking through the ceiling just to hear the tiniest of whispers.

I was headed to bed, even though I felt like I should read my Bible and connect with God, when I checked Facebook for one last time and I saw someone posted of the last video taken of my best friend, whom I call my brother, leading worship. I almost didn’t watch the video because I knew I would be saddened but when we listen to the Holy Spirit (that gut feeling) we know exactly what we should be doing.

I’m glad I watched and even though it was a hard 6 minutes but all I could do in the midst of my tears is worship Jesus. And in that second the ceiling was opened and God was listening to the outpouring of my heart. I don’t have the greatest singing voice but I began to lift my voice up to my heavenly father then I just listened. I really needed confirmation about this move that I’m about to make to another state and feeling like I’m leaving something behind or not knowing what’s next but He really just spoke to me, confirmed whose I am, and told me not to worry.

We can’t always see the full picture but He does, and in that we can rejoice. We have something to celebrate!

For a moment my mind wandered on the person my brother was and little things like his voice and will we even remember one another in Heaven but it’s so worldly to have these worries because while what we are on Earth matters, this isn’t our home. In a very moment our souls can be connected and then the next moment we’re leaving the Earth or moving on to a new place with nothing but a memory or a heart sting. We choose whether we leave one another with good memories or heart stings. I think we know what we should leave people with but do we?