Our Creator shouldn’t have to compete with our career, school, newsfeed, brunch plans, friends, partner, Netflix, etc. Sometimes I get knee deep in things of the world and can feel in my spirit that I need to sit still, read my bible, and pray. I get convicted when I’m apart from God because I get a bad attitude and my ways become nonchalant.

So often we allow other things to sit right beside us thinking they will protect and comfort us in the midst of our earthquakes. Our earthquakes (unfair, unfavorable, and/or undesirable conditions) might last hours, days, weeks, months, or seasons; but I’m joyful in knowing there is a God who wants to hold my hand every step of the way.

In Christ there is solid ground, a covering of protection, and a renewing of strength.

What comforts you when it seems like the world just won’t stop?

More reading: Psalm 16