I’m awake at 3am…living my real life. I just finished watching Confirmation on HBO with a friend and I’m lying on my couch typing. Surprisingly, I’m not slumped from the amazing dinner I shared with Friends from College at North Italia.

I’m blogging…if you can call it that…not here but for an upcoming project that I’ve been putting off for months. My to-do list is lengthy and I need to sit before God and pray. I’m also snap chatting a friend in Nigeria, because #millennialcommunication, and my sister is texting me photos of her dog. Basically, I’m regular. As usual, my life has a huge “coming soon” sign on it, because I haven’t arrived yet.

Back to this project I’m working on…

I’ve put it off for months because I’m a marketer and I’d rather have a full GTM (go-to-market) strategy and in-depth focus group before putting a site up that has my name attached to it harboring fear. There have been far too many nights that I’ve ignored this project. Instead, I’ve stayed up late scrolling through highlight reels on Facebook or Instagram, sometimes posting my own, saying I’ll do it later. Let’s not forget the nights I’ve come home exhausted and fall into bed with everything undone, including my dishes.

The dishes can wait, but this cannot. I could pass away with dirty dishes and they would be cleaned or tossed out by someone. But my ideas, if I die, they die with me. Yours too. Life is too short. Essentially, ignoring the next call on your life serves no one.

Neither can your next calling. It might not be the next great startup or eureka! but it should be yours. Own it!

Signs one of your ideas is your next calling:

  1. Aligns with the mission of God.
  2. Serves a purpose for something bigger than you.
  3. Doesn’t focus on making your name great.
  4. You cannot stop thinking about it, the ideas and possibilities keep flowing.

Just go! Wherever you’re being called. Remember, how you spend your days is how you’ll spend your life. Spend them well.


Jasmine Shanice

P.S. This blog post is dedicated to Wale*, who inspired me to call myself an Ambitious Girl back in the fall of 2010.


*written while listening to More About Nothing