Zealous Ambition

Follow me as I follow Christ to fulfill the zealous ambitions of my young adult life.



5 Reasons Why I’m Starting A YouTube Channel

Hi gang! Today I did something I've been wanting to do for quite some time...I started a YouTub channel! I'm pretty pumped to share so many things with you all and to further expand my brand. Check out my first... Continue Reading →

Powering New Habits + Almond Milk Recipe

New Habits One of my goals for this year was to read more books. (See my list of finished books here.) FYI - I will steal your books if you leave them around me, I am not ashamed to admit... Continue Reading →

More About Nothing

I'm awake at my real life. I just finished watching Confirmation on HBO with a friend and I'm lying on my couch typing. Surprisingly, I'm not slumped from the amazing dinner I shared with Friends from College at North Italia.... Continue Reading →

Built In A Day

I haven't arrived, nor do I try to pretend that I have reached some pinnacle of success or destination in life. And if no one's every told you, "You've still got a long way to go baby!" Let me be... Continue Reading →

What do you hold onto during your earthquakes?

Our Creator shouldn't have to compete with our career, school, newsfeed, brunch plans, friends, partner, Netflix, etc. Sometimes I get knee deep in things of the world and can feel in my spirit that I need to sit still, read... Continue Reading →

Reflecting on Advent

Below is an extended caption* I published on my Instagram account at the beginning of Advent, a season of waiting for the arrival of a notable person, thing, or event. As a Christian Advent means the period of time to anticipate the... Continue Reading →

What Is Inbound Marketing?

For many years businesses relied on interruptive marketing techniques such as buying ads, buying email lists, or cold calling to sell their products and services. Over time as markets became saturated with advertisements and potential customers became inundated this loss... Continue Reading →

Dallas County Teacher Uses Deadly Force on Student – No Charges Filed

Dear Republican State Rep. Dan Flynn, Could you sleep with yourself if this was the result of the bill (Texas H.B. 868) you introduced on January 22, 2015? What if it was your child or grandchild who got into a... Continue Reading →

Does God Show Me Grace When I Don’t Deserve It? | How Can It Be? #MusicMonday

Grace by definition is "to decorate or add beauty to (something)." Before we get started I want you to know this is about a song and I usually don't write about music because my tastes are so versatile. I'm also... Continue Reading →

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