Zealous Ambition

Follow me as I follow Christ to fulfill the zealous ambitions of my young adult life.


Spiritual Development

What do you hold onto during your earthquakes?

Our Creator shouldn't have to compete with our career, school, newsfeed, brunch plans, friends, partner, Netflix, etc. Sometimes I get knee deep in things of the world and can feel in my spirit that I need to sit still, read... Continue Reading →

Reflecting on Advent

Below is an extended caption* I published on my Instagram account at the beginning of Advent, a season of waiting for the arrival of a notable person, thing, or event. As a Christian Advent means the period of time to anticipate the... Continue Reading →

Does God Show Me Grace When I Don’t Deserve It? | How Can It Be? #MusicMonday

Grace by definition is "to decorate or add beauty to (something)." Before we get started I want you to know this is about a song and I usually don't write about music because my tastes are so versatile. I'm also... Continue Reading →

Walking Away Fearlessly

Life after college. You couldn't wait to get here right? But after being in school for four years and building a life of comfortability you think "How do I just leave this place?" Even when you already know where you're... Continue Reading →

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