Zealous Ambition

Follow me as I follow Christ to fulfill the zealous ambitions of my young adult life.


young adults

5 Reasons Why I’m Starting A YouTube Channel

Hi gang! Today I did something I've been wanting to do for quite some time...I started a YouTub channel! I'm pretty pumped to share so many things with you all and to further expand my brand. Check out my first... Continue Reading →

Dallas County Teacher Uses Deadly Force on Student – No Charges Filed

Dear Republican State Rep. Dan Flynn, Could you sleep with yourself if this was the result of the bill (Texas H.B. 868) you introduced on January 22, 2015? What if it was your child or grandchild who got into a... Continue Reading →

Walking Away Fearlessly

Life after college. You couldn't wait to get here right? But after being in school for four years and building a life of comfortability you think "How do I just leave this place?" Even when you already know where you're... Continue Reading →

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