1. I’m Bored

So you’re at home bored… but you’re on the Internet? If you’re bored it’s because you’re boring.

Consider the millions of Americans without access to reliable Internet* who have been asked (with good reason) to do everything at home. Lack of access to the Internet creates inequality for lower income households.

A gentle reminder that “Not All Schools Can #KeepLearning

Okay, you’re still here and you’re still bored. Here’s something you can do:

  • Call or write (emails work too!) to your state and local lawmakers and ask them to take action
  • Who Represents Me?

Have you written to your senator lately about the numerous issues we’re facing? I have and he continues to lack any type of action plan that shows he cares about Texans.

I can’t wait to vote him out of office in November. Hopefully, by mail.

With love,

Go wash your hands. 🙂

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